Who We Are . . .

Advanced POS Technologies, Corp.  is a small team of experts dedicated to the area of Point of Sales, Barcoding and Identification. We have more than 15 years experience in the industry of POS and strive to bring our customer's the absolute best service from the beginning to well after the product has been delivered and installed. From Customer Service, Order Fulfillment and Product Management, to Information Technology, Marketing and our Executives, passion for our industry and line of products is well-represented at all levels. Our vision is simple, provide quality products and offer them at a low price with the customer in mind. You.

25+ IT Professionals in 3 locations

Advanced POS Technologies works with clients in nearly every major category: Health Care, Medical, Warehousing, Restaurants, Hospitality, Government, Non Profit, Bars, Retail, Supermarket, Freight Forwarding and with over 25+ dedicated and determined IT and Customer Service Professionals working on and off the clock. Our presence extends into Latin America by having physical distribution centers in both Venezuela and Colombia.